Thursday, December 12, 2013

Potty Training

Since Joseph is turning 3 years old in January, we've decided that we're going to try to take advantage of the two week Christmas break and potty train him.
We went out the store on Sunday (because I needed more diapers) and got Joseph an actual seat for the toilet. We have little potties that sit on the floor, but we figured we'd just go right to the toilet now. He picked it out so we're hoping that it will help the process. This is the one he chose:
Sesame Street Soft Seat - Framed Friends
Apparently, it comes apart to wash it thoroughly so there won't be too many gross things.
We also bought hand soap and flushable wipes from Kandoo.
Kandoo Handsoap, Body Wash and Shampoo

He's really excited about this and I'm really crossing my fingers that it goes well. A local chain, Zellers, went out of business and I stocked up on underwear. We have about 20 pairs that are opened and he's getting another three in his stocking.

A friend of mine just finished training her son and her advice was just stick him in the underwear. Don't worry about the pull-ups, etc, just go straight for the underwear. He'll feel wet or dirty is he didn't make it to the potty. I think I need to send pull-ups to daycare just in case, but still!

I'm really hoping that we can say that he is daytime potty trained by the end of Christmas. I figure night time will take a whole lot longer.

If you have any tips, hints, tricks, etc, I'll take them! I want this to be as painless for both of us as possible!

Any big, exciting plans like ours over the break?
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