Monday, December 30, 2013

Potty Training - Day 1 & Project 365

I'm exhausted.
I feel like I've literally taught an entire week of Kindergarten in one single day.
Yesterday, we started the process of potty training Joseph.
We went through 4 pairs of pants and he had 3 or 4 successful attempts on the toilet. I think more often than not, he wanted to sit on it so that I would read him a Roary the Racing Car story and sing the theme song.
Roary The Racing Car
He also got to use my iPad a couple times because I was so tired of reading the books to him.
More often than not, he'd start peeing in his pants, I'd notice and then run him to the bathroom where he finish up and I'd make him sit and wait for another 5 minutes or so just in case.
I put a load of laundry into the washing machine last night so that we have another set of clean underwear and pants to start again today. There's no way he's sleeping uncovered so he was back in a diaper for bedtime and overnight.
I'm hoping that today goes a lot better. He isn't lacking enthusiasm though which is good.
We have a week until he heads back to daycare and I'm hoping we'll be 90% potty trained by then. I'm expecting accidents, but hopefully not many.

One other little piece of information, I've decided that I'm going to do Project 365 next year, starting January 1st. I really want to get better with my photography skills for both my blog and our own personal pictures and I think this challenge will definitely help. I'll be reading the camera manual we have and following along with Nurse Loves Farmer. I'm also on the look out for fantastic photography blogs and instructional tips so that I can get my pictures looking fantastic! At the end of the year (or beginning of 2015), I'll be turning it into a book so that we can look back on the year. I'm quite excited about this actually.
Are you going to try Project 365?
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