Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One More Present

I have one more present to buy before I'm done hitting the stores for Christmas shopping!
I need to get my brother a present for our Secret Santa we do with my family.
Fancy Christmas Present   Free Clip Art Wallpaper
Honestly, I have no idea what to get him and he hasn't told me yet. He's quite close to getting nothing (if you read this, I'd let me know what you want).
I had a lot of fun Christmas shopping this year. Joseph actually has more of an idea what is going on this year so it's been fun to buy him presents that he'll really enjoy.
Andrew is still in awe of what is going on. He just really wants the Christmas lights and the Mater ornament on the Christmas tree. Other than that, he doesn't really care!
The one thing that does suck are the line ups. The past two Christmases I've been on maternity leave so I could leisurely head into the stores, not deal with HUGE line ups or lack of parking. This year, it's back into the belly of the beast! Luckily, I tried to get the majority of it done early so lines weren't too bad at the beginning of December.
I have one more day of work left (P.D. day on Friday) and then I'm off until January 6th!
What about you?
Are you done your shopping or are you a last-minuter?

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