Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life in 2013

I can't believe another year is already done! 

This year didn't hold any big changes or surprises for us compared to the past few years and part of me has to admit that it's pretty nice to have had a fairly low key year. 

2010, The Husband and I got married, 2011, Joseph came along and 2012, Andrew was born. This year was all about watching them grow up and I eventually headed back to work. 

This year, I found a little bit more time to focus on myself. I really got into running, which before this past year, I detested. I thought I'd spend most of my time dealing with shin splints and only running 5ks. Well, my friend Lisa, who has a son the exact same age as Joseph (same birthday) convinced me to do a 15 K. I was so apprehensive going into it and it wound up being one of my favourite races. I think running Toronto Island and checking out the sights helped distract me from the pain (just not the pain of getting back to the mainland). 

I also sucked up some nervousness and signed myself up for the Niagra Falls Half Marathon. Again, I was nervous going into it, especially since my training was really iffy. It turned out to be a great race and it inspired me to sign up for my next half marathon in March as we'll as enter the draw for the Nike Women's Half in Washington in April. 

Definitely didn't do as much crafting, sewing and creating as I would have liked to but as the boys are getting older there is more time for me to do those things so I know I'll eventually get the chance.

I'm excited to share my 2014 goals with you. I think that writing them down and sharing them on the blog definitely helps me keep to them.
Here are some of my favourite pictures from the past year (thanks to flipagram).
What about you? Do you consider 2013 a success?

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