Monday, December 2, 2013

Let the Christmas season officially begin!

We're finally into the Christmas season and I'm so excited!

*NSync Christmas has been in the CD player in the car for a few weeks now and one of the local radio stations is playing Christmas music all the time! Too bad my commute is so short!

This weekend, we put up our tree and our stockings. We also got out the Christmas countdown calendar going and this year we introduced Elf on the Shelf to Joseph.

We had to bring out a different table to set up our Christmas tree (I can't wait to get a big one eventually), so we had to wipe down the table. We put Andrew to work and he just wouldn't stop wiping it down.

 photo DSC_1719_zpsca1279d3.jpg
Maybe I have a cleaner on my hands!
We got the tree up and Joseph started to add some ornaments. That one branch looked beautiful (I moved them all when he wasn't looking). We had to move everything up high so that Andrew couldn't reach anything. He somehow still manages to get one or two off and throw them around for awhile.

 photo DSC_1721_zps64f65bdb.jpg
It's beginning to droop!

 photo DSC_1725_zpsb0899e12.jpg
The finished product!

As I mentioned above, we introduced Elf on a Shelf to Joseph. I read him the book and he was very interested. It came time to choose a name and he couldn't think of one, so we decided that his name would be Jingle. I think it's great and so far he loves him. I think the hardest part is the not being allowed to touch him. He wants to play with him. I might get him one of the plush ones to hold onto.

 photo IMG_20131130_180956_zps41cfbb28.jpg
Jingle the Elf!

Jingle hasn't gotten into too much yet. He's only stolen their bulldozer and pushed some blocks around. I think I saw him getting ready to bowl last night. Once the boys find him, I stick him back up into the tree so that he can watch them play nicely together.

 photo d482e7cd-1c2a-4868-a345-0d1fcde9d866_zps902bcd2a.jpg
Doing a little construction

I'm a little stuck though as to what happens when we go to my in-laws for a few days before Christmas. Do I bring Jingle with us and hide him around there?

Lastly, we've taken out our Christmas countdown calendar as well. So far, it's really basic, in that Joseph finds the number that matches the day (i.e. Dec 1st - 1), but I want to put activities to do. I'm guessing they'll only happen on the weekends because life is so busy during the week. I also need to think up some more ideas.

 photo DSC_1733_zps285dbc51.jpg

I need some help from my lovely readers with the countdown calendar as well. I want to paint the brown box that the calendar comes in. I can't decide whether to do white with green and red polka dots, black or brown or something else! I'm completely at a loss. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Have you put up all of your decorations?

 Have you started or finished your shopping yet?
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