Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jingles the Elf - Week 1

Jingle the Elf survived the first week at our house.
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We kind of break the rules a bit. He moves at night, but once the boys find him in the morning I carefully move him back into the tree. I know you aren't suppose to touch him, and I don't think Joseph would, but Andrew just doesn't get it so I think it's safer that we put him back up in the tree. Plus, we always say he can see the boys playing much better up there than.
I didn't realize how difficult this is! I almost have to make a list of ideas and then go down the list. It can't be anything too much during the week or the boys will get too distracted and I won't be able to get them ready for daycare in the morning. I do more elaborate things during the weekend when they can be a little more distracted.
Day 1 & 2
 photo PhotoGrid_1385954063358_zpsddd6bb94.jpg
Driving the bulldozer and doing some work.
Day 3 & 4
 photo PhotoGrid_1386133857654_zps54830c4e.jpg
Tangled in the boys beading toy and riding Thomas around the track.
Day 5 & 6
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Reading about his favourite guy and doing some bowling.

Day 7 & 8
 photo PhotoGrid_1386513343668_zps3fa69c75.jpg
In Joseph's bed (because he was away for the night) and in the stocking.

I'm now trying to think up new ones for this week! I'm so happy it's only for a month; not sure what I'd do if it was longer.

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