Monday, November 25, 2013

Holy Time Crunch Batman!

Wow, time is definitely getting away from me. I find that time is just flying by and that it's already the end of November which is crazy!
Tomorrow, I'm going to have my post all about my Christmas preparations for you. I've finally decided what I'm going to do with Joseph to make presents for the Grandparents (hint: it's ornaments of some sort and if you follow me on Pinterest you'll figure it out pretty quick).
 photo DSCN4835_zps1c9edcb8.jpg
Our silly picture for Christmas was the best we got.
In other news, Andrew is starting to talk! He's 13.5 months (almost 14) and he's saying "ma", "da" and has started using the 'b' sound for book and bottle. Ok, he uses the b sound for a lot of other words that don't start with b, but still! This weekend, he was talking up a storm the entire time! Babbling away. It must be all those girls in daycare that he gets to chat with all day long.
The boys have a Christmas concert coming up and my Kindergarten kiddies are doing a Winter concert too, so there is a lot of singing in my future. I'm so excited for both.
In other news, running is slow, or non-existent right now, but I'm hoping to get back into it this week. The cold air has really slowed me down. Not only do I have a 5K on December 7th, I have a half marathon at the beginning of March. Oh ya, I also entered myself into this lottery:
nike womens half marathon dc
I find out on December 6th if I get in or not, then travel plans will have to be made. I'm really hoping I get in, but it's a random draw so we'll see. I really just want this at the end.
Nike Women's Half Marathon D.C. Tiffany Necklace 2013
Yup, a Tiffany & Co. finisher necklace, handed out by a firefighter in a tuxedo! Definitely worth the large number of kilometers I'd be running.

Does life every slow down?! I honestly can't wait until June and summer vacation!

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