Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Aw, aren't my babies cute?

This was from Halloween 2012. Andrew was a day young of being 1 month old and Joseph was 21 months. Crazy! 
 photo IMG_20121031_172948_zpsd714d28a.jpg
This year, I wasn't able to get a picture of the two boys together (without them trying to kill each other). It was hard enough to get a picture of them alone with their costumes on.
This year, Joseph had his mind set on his costume (and actually all of ours) pretty early on. He told me that he wanted to be a pumpkin, Andrew was supposed to be a princess, I was to dress up like a duck and The Husband was supposed to be a baby.
Well, his dream came true, for himself. He was honestly the cutest little pumpkin! He had a great time trick-or-treating. I got them little bags from the dollar store which didn't hold a lot of candy. The Husband took the boys out, but they ended up coming home to drop off the first round of candy and happily headed back out!
 photo DSC_1645_zps266442fa.jpg

The Husband carried Andrew around because he refused to sit in the wagon. We managed to reuse the otter costume and he was adorable! Apparently he was a hit at daycare. All the little girls in his class (he's the only boy!) were chasing his little tail during the parade. 
 photo DSC_1644_zpscee0ba54.jpg
Best picture I got of him. He wouldn't stop moving.
Here's our pumpkins! Joseph wanted to do one with a sad face (which he sad was Andrew) and then one with a "huggy" face. Not sure what that means, but he seemed happy with what I had done!
 photo DSC_1636_zpsfba0b345.jpg
They only stayed lit for a bit, because the wind kept blowing out the candles. The pumpkins stayed in the house for a few days after Halloween so the boys could play with them for a bit. Andrew loved sticking crayons and cars in the eyes and I definitely caught him trying to sneak a bite of one of them.
Lastly, here's Joseph with his stash of candy. The funniest part is that he doesn't want to eat any of it. He's had a piece or two here and there, but I've been the one digging in. We've got it in a box and he loves dumping out the box and sorting candy, counting it, looking at it and then putting it away.
 photo DSC_1651_zps8787c167.jpg
Joseph actually woke up Friday morning and asked to trick-or-treating all over again! It broke my heart to let him know that it only happens once a year, but Santa is coming soon, with his birthday right after! The helped perk him up a bit! Alright, maybe the promise of a lollipop helped too.
How was your Halloween? What do you do with your candy afterwards?
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