Monday, November 25, 2013

Holy Time Crunch Batman!

Wow, time is definitely getting away from me. I find that time is just flying by and that it's already the end of November which is crazy!
Tomorrow, I'm going to have my post all about my Christmas preparations for you. I've finally decided what I'm going to do with Joseph to make presents for the Grandparents (hint: it's ornaments of some sort and if you follow me on Pinterest you'll figure it out pretty quick).
 photo DSCN4835_zps1c9edcb8.jpg
Our silly picture for Christmas was the best we got.
In other news, Andrew is starting to talk! He's 13.5 months (almost 14) and he's saying "ma", "da" and has started using the 'b' sound for book and bottle. Ok, he uses the b sound for a lot of other words that don't start with b, but still! This weekend, he was talking up a storm the entire time! Babbling away. It must be all those girls in daycare that he gets to chat with all day long.
The boys have a Christmas concert coming up and my Kindergarten kiddies are doing a Winter concert too, so there is a lot of singing in my future. I'm so excited for both.
In other news, running is slow, or non-existent right now, but I'm hoping to get back into it this week. The cold air has really slowed me down. Not only do I have a 5K on December 7th, I have a half marathon at the beginning of March. Oh ya, I also entered myself into this lottery:
nike womens half marathon dc
I find out on December 6th if I get in or not, then travel plans will have to be made. I'm really hoping I get in, but it's a random draw so we'll see. I really just want this at the end.
Nike Women's Half Marathon D.C. Tiffany Necklace 2013
Yup, a Tiffany & Co. finisher necklace, handed out by a firefighter in a tuxedo! Definitely worth the large number of kilometers I'd be running.

Does life every slow down?! I honestly can't wait until June and summer vacation!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day.
In Canada, on November 11th, we remember all the veterans that fought to make Canada the safe place it is today.
Remembrance day Vancouver Remembrance Day.. I challenge you
It is celebrated on November 11th, because it recognizes when the hostilities of World War 1 ended on the "11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour".
At 11:00 am, everyone (hopefully) in Canada will stand for a moment of silence to recognize those who have served our country.
I'm assuming Joseph's preschool class has been discussing it because he knows an awful lot about it, which I think is fantastic. He knows what the poppy is, that it's used to help remember soldiers and that we have to be quiet for a minute.
They've also been singing this cute little song:
We Remember
(Tune of Frere Jacques)
We remember
We remember
On this day
On this day
Soldiers on the hillside
Soldiers on the hillside
Far away
Far away
At school, we had a "What is Remembrance Day" assembly for the Kindergarten and Grade 1's which was a nice way to introduce them to the concept of Remembrance Day and why we remember.
At some point in my future (maybe way down the line), I'd love to head to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada to attend Remembrance Day celebrations.
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

I've determined that being a full-time working mom/full-day kindergarten teacher is exhausting!

What I feel like at the end of a day!

The two whiny, completely dependent and snotty nosed kiddies that I have at home jump up to 28 when I get to work! Now that we've entered into the colder weather, we've started having to zip coats and put on mitts and it's so much work!

A couple weeks ago, the boys were sick. It wasn't pretty. There was lots of laundry being done. However, they slept through the night and The Husband and I took turns taking days off so neither of us were burning through things quickly and we were both fairly well rested.

This week, we've entered into a new realm of exhaustion! Joseph has started waking up with nightmares more often. Two nights ago, it was an alligator. Last night, there was a monster in his room. Andrew, who normally sleeps from 7:15 until I get in to get him at 6:30 in the morning for daycare has been getting up once or twice a night and stays awake! I've tried to ignore them but it doesn't work.

We didn't get through daylight savings unscathed either. Andrew was up at 5:30 and decided it was time to go for the day.

I have parent teacher interviews tomorrow night and then I don't have to go to work on Friday. It's officially a 'me' day! On the docket, shopping, lunch with a friend, Costco and a nap.

Do you think my Kindergarten kids would mind if we had nap time tomorrow?

Any strategies for making life easier??
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Aw, aren't my babies cute?

This was from Halloween 2012. Andrew was a day young of being 1 month old and Joseph was 21 months. Crazy! 
 photo IMG_20121031_172948_zpsd714d28a.jpg
This year, I wasn't able to get a picture of the two boys together (without them trying to kill each other). It was hard enough to get a picture of them alone with their costumes on.
This year, Joseph had his mind set on his costume (and actually all of ours) pretty early on. He told me that he wanted to be a pumpkin, Andrew was supposed to be a princess, I was to dress up like a duck and The Husband was supposed to be a baby.
Well, his dream came true, for himself. He was honestly the cutest little pumpkin! He had a great time trick-or-treating. I got them little bags from the dollar store which didn't hold a lot of candy. The Husband took the boys out, but they ended up coming home to drop off the first round of candy and happily headed back out!
 photo DSC_1645_zps266442fa.jpg

The Husband carried Andrew around because he refused to sit in the wagon. We managed to reuse the otter costume and he was adorable! Apparently he was a hit at daycare. All the little girls in his class (he's the only boy!) were chasing his little tail during the parade. 
 photo DSC_1644_zpscee0ba54.jpg
Best picture I got of him. He wouldn't stop moving.
Here's our pumpkins! Joseph wanted to do one with a sad face (which he sad was Andrew) and then one with a "huggy" face. Not sure what that means, but he seemed happy with what I had done!
 photo DSC_1636_zpsfba0b345.jpg
They only stayed lit for a bit, because the wind kept blowing out the candles. The pumpkins stayed in the house for a few days after Halloween so the boys could play with them for a bit. Andrew loved sticking crayons and cars in the eyes and I definitely caught him trying to sneak a bite of one of them.
Lastly, here's Joseph with his stash of candy. The funniest part is that he doesn't want to eat any of it. He's had a piece or two here and there, but I've been the one digging in. We've got it in a box and he loves dumping out the box and sorting candy, counting it, looking at it and then putting it away.
 photo DSC_1651_zps8787c167.jpg
Joseph actually woke up Friday morning and asked to trick-or-treating all over again! It broke my heart to let him know that it only happens once a year, but Santa is coming soon, with his birthday right after! The helped perk him up a bit! Alright, maybe the promise of a lollipop helped too.
How was your Halloween? What do you do with your candy afterwards?
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Niagara Falls Half Marathon report

I realize this is a week late, but here it is!

Last Sunday, I completed my very first half marathon!

I'm so incredibly proud of myself. I never thought I'd be running a half marathon a little over 10 months from the day I started taking running fairly seriously and a little over a year from the time I had Andrew.

I had initially expected to run the 10K at the Niagara Falls International Marathon. I kept reading about how the Niagara Falls course was nice and flat so I decided to change my registration to the half marathon. I honestly flipped and flopped over this decision a whole bunch of times between July and race day.

The Husband and I headed out to Niagara Falls on the Saturday night so that we wouldn't have any big problems on race day getting there and finding where to go. We headed to the Expo, got my number, checked out some of the displays, picked up my t-shirt and headed back to the hotel.

 photo DSC_1614_zpsc18ad110.jpg

Our hotel room was amazing! We had gotten an upgrade to a junior presidential suite (it didn't face the Falls though). It even had a gas fireplace! We headed out to a restaurant called the "Four Brothers" to eat some pasta and carb up a bit. They gave me so much food.

 photo DSC_1610_zps37da1aee.jpg
I got into bed early (8:30ish) and watched CNN's Blackfish and then fell asleep around 10. I slept really well until about 3ish, then I kept waking up every 45 minutes or so. I guess I didn't want to sleep through my alarm (although that has never happened).
I got up at 7, changed and headed down to the breakfast buffet that cost me $12.95 (next time I'll find a hotel with breakfast included). I had some milk, fruit and two waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. I headed back upstairs, changed into my running outfit, had The Husband take a picture and we headed out to the buses.
 photo DSC_1618_zpscc85a940.jpg

The line for the buses was long!! I managed to squeeze on one that was ready to leave because I was by myself and they needed three people so I promptly volunteered. The bus ride took forever!! I started to panic about how far we were driving out. The ladies behind me were awesome and very reassuring. They asked what my goal time was and I said there wasn't one, just to finish in an upright position.

We got off the buses and I started pacing back and forth to try to keep warm. I had a throw away jacket that I tossed into a Salvation Army bin just before lining up and the next thing I knew, the gun went off and everyone was running.

I completely amazed myself. I set a plan of running the entire way, except through water stations, where I'd run to the first person, grab a cup and then walk, drink, grab another cup, drink and then start running again. It worked really well, except when I had to stop to use the port-a-potty. I managed to find one without a lock too and had to fight some woman who kept trying to open the door while I was busy!

I managed to keep my time at around 7:45 min/km which was my other goal. I had a couple kms and some were under, which balanced everything out.

I finally managed to find The Husband wandering along side the course right near the end. He took a few pictures of me and then had to run to get ahead to take a few more. I think I actually beat him to the finish line! As I approached the line, I was by myself and I heard the announcer say "Here comes Victoria, all the way from Mississauga!" I threw my hands up and run through!

 photo DSC_1631_zps3da13c5c.jpg

My official time was 2:39 (that's hours:minutes). I'm so proud of myself!!

Here's my newest medal!

 photo DSC_1634_zpse143f8d8.jpg
Oh and here's the 'pose in front of the Falls'!

 photo DSC_1632_zps14593c7e.jpg
I had just come from the port-a-potties (again!) and had almost lost the ability to walk!

Up next, the Santa Shuffle 5K at the beginning of December and then back into training mode for the Chilly Half Marathon in March! I've definitely gotten the half marathon bug!
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