Wednesday, October 23, 2013

T-minus 4 days!!

My half-marathon is in 4 days.

Sunday morning, I will be boarding a bus between 8 and 8:45 (I don't want to have to find my own ride) and heading to the start line for my very first half marathon after spending a very quiet night in a hotel so we won't have to worry about traffic.
My anxiety level is almost through the roof and having to deal with Thanksgiving, work, weather and two sick little boys in the last couple of weeks, my running has definitely fallen to the wayside.
I'm admitting now, I'm not properly trained for this race. I'm figuring I'm probably not the most unprepared person, but by no means am I even close to being the most prepared.

The best thing is that I don't really have a goal other than to finish it and the course doesn't close until 5pm, so I have 7 hours to finish the race. I'm fully prepared to be beat by a good chunk of the marathon people and probably a good majority of the half marathoners.
When I first signed up, I figured I'd take the Monday off after the race and relax my legs. Ya, not so much anymore. With the boys being sick, I've already used up 3 sick days this year and there's the possibility I could be home on Friday again. I can't afford it. Therefore, I'll be literally dragging myself into work and planting my butt on my rolling chair. I think Advil and my foam roller will be necessary.
 The weather is another big concern. It's fall, at the Falls. There is always a mist right down along the water where we'll be running so I'm sure I'll be a little damp by the time I'm done. Right now the forecast is saying sunny, a 20% chance of rain and feeling like 7 degrees C (44 degree F). I'm thinking I have my outfit ready, but I'll be bring some back up stuff just in case.

Tomorrow I have a new DIY medal/bib holder that you can make at home! It's perfect for my running bibs and medals, but it can be adapted to display lots of different accomplishments! 

That's it! There's nothing left to do or say at this point except show up!

The Husband and I will be heading out Saturday afternoon and I'll be taking pictures on my Instagram account, tweeting and updating my Facebook account so please follow along!

I'll have a recap on Monday!!

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