Friday, October 18, 2013

Ear Infections & a Sick Baby!

I'm quickly burning through my sick days at work. We're given 10 where we still receive full pay and any days after that we only get paid 50%. I'm already down to 8 days and it's not even the end of October!!
On Sunday evening (after the Run for the Cure), I ended up having some ear pain and then my hearing became very muffled. I figured I'd Advil myself up and then head to the walk-in after work on Monday. I woke up at 2 am and was in excruciating pain! I changed my plan to staying home for the morning, going to the clinic and going to work at lunch. Joseph woke up at 5:30 telling me that his ear was hurting. Plan changed again. Joseph stayed home with me, we both went and got our ears checked and I have an ear infection and he's fine.
This week, I've had a lot of trouble getting Andrew up from his crib. On Wednesday morning he drank his whole bottle, coughed and it all came back up again. Lovely. He seemed to be acting normal so I figured it was one of those 'baby' things, where they cough, their gag reflex doesn't work well and everything comes back up. Being the awesome mom I am, I sent him to daycare.
They called at 3pm to tell me he wasn't well, but that I could go get him at my normal time since it was fairly soon. Since then he's been home. He hasn't run a fever, just miserable. Yesterday, The Husband stayed home, so today was my day.
Here he was last night while I was trying to keep him up until 6:30 so he wouldn't be up at 3am. I couldn't hold out. He was just too miserable.
 photo DSC_1583_zps3671c76f.jpg
 photo DSC_1584_zps88059a11.jpg
 photo DSC_1586_zps3a8b9864.jpg
 photo DSC_1592_zpse25ac800.jpg
They're so sad when they're sick, but it means a lot of snuggles for me! I'm hoping he's better Monday though!
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