Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Medal Board

One of the best things about running in Canada is that in almost every race you run, you get a participant medal! I'm loving this part of running.
I've just been keeping them in a bag with my race bibs, but I decided to make my own medal hanger. They sell metal versions of them but I wanted to make my own to show off my accomplishments.
 photo DSCN4776_zpsb99b4331.jpg
To start out, I bought a 12x12 inch wooden board, from Michaels and painted it black (2 coats).
 photo DSCN4767_zps6fdb0b0d.jpg
There is a border around the wood on the back, but the middle is hollow. You can choose a solid board, but with the back open, it makes hanging it a lot easier.
 photo DSCN4768_zps0cc02198.jpg
To do the lettering, I chose my favourite font from my Cricut (Cuttin' Up) and printed them off at 3 inches (with Joseph's help).
 photo DSC_1608_zps46632875.jpg

Then I traced them onto the painted board using a yellow pencil crayon. I also marked the holes of the race bibs so that I would know where to put the hooks.

 photo 383a58de-eee6-4d97-819c-ec6e97bf1c76_zpsf1ee340a.jpg

I used a thinner brush and took my time painting the letters a nice blue colour. I wish I had chosen a different colour looking back. Silver or yellow or something that popped a little bit more from the black. The blue kind of blends in a little bit.
 photo DSC_1615_zpsde14a069.jpg
I painted on two coats of gloss to make it shiny and to seal in the blue paint. Once I finished that I found these little hooks at Michaels and was able to screw them into the wood at the same distance as the safety pins holes in my bibs.
 photo DSCN4778_zps3f3ad6aa.jpg
I put all the bibs on it that I currently have. I still have one more step to go, but I haven't had the time, and I want to show it to you completed with my new bling on it from my half marathon. It's fairly easy, I'm going to get some big nails, nail them in to the bottom of the board under the bibs (and into the thicker wood) and hang my medals from there.
 photo DSCN4776_zpsb99b4331.jpg
So, there you have it! I can't wait to show you my new addition in just a few days!
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