Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apple Picking

We decided to go apple picking on the Monday of Thanksgiving, kind of crazy. Ok, really crazy!!
This particular place is on a two-lane highway with a little turn lane in the middle. Match that with a very family-friendly area, no work and great weather equals a long line on the stretch of highway as we wait for the police officer to signal us into the farm.
Either way, the boys were fantastic!
We went with my sister and my nephew who came a little later, so we went and played on the playground and went to see the animals and into the petting zoo.
 photo DSCN4709_zps3772b856.jpg
The gigantic play area with really fast slides
 photo DSCN4718_zps70744031.jpg
Joseph wanted to go by himself!
 photo DSCN4712_zps0b5f2e08.jpg
Not a fan of hay!
 photo DSCN4729_zpse3a60852.jpg
Pumpkins galore!
 photo DSCN4744_zpsc61aa41d.jpg
Petting a goat
 photo DSCN4763_zpsba76eb61.jpg
Can't pass up the tractor!
After we hit up all the farm activities, we finally decided to head out to pick some apples. We hopped on the wagon and headed out to the orchard.
 photo DSC_1574_zpsf6532722.jpg
Andrew & Mommy on the wagon!
 photo DSC_1582_zpsd7f2ee62.jpg
He was having a good time. This is his current 'cheese' face. We need to work on that!
 photo DSC_1578_zps9b8ae4df.jpg
Not sure what's going on!
We have a successful trip! We picked two bags of apples, Joseph took two down to Grandmom and Grandad (that have extra bruises after he was banging them together) and I made some apple pie bread and applesauce. Yum!!!
I love apple picking in the fall. It's such a fantastic tradition that I hope we carry on for years and years.
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