Monday, October 21, 2013

Andrew's Farm Birthday party!

First thing was first, we had to take Andrew's 12 month picture so that we could finish his monthly picture collage. There were some really cute ones like this...

 photo DSCN4648_zpse98dd357.jpg

...and then there was the obligatory big brother/little brother teddy bear picture!

 photo DSCN4649_zps81376b71.jpg

Here's the barn I made with the monthly pictures that we took of Andrew and his teddy bear. It was really neat to see how much he has grown and changed throughout the year.

 photo DSCN4658_zps7bbb98db.jpg

I also made this cute little tractor-wagon banner!

 photo DSCN4657_zps20ab904f.jpg

To make the cute little animals on the farm and the banner, I used my Cricut and the Create-a-Critter cartridge to make them. I love the way they turned out.

This was the cake. I loved it, but it wasn't what I had planned. I was going to try to make a two-tiered cake but life/work got in the way and I just didn't get around to it. So I just made a little 10' round cake and put a little pond with ducks and the two little piggies!

 photo DSCN4664_zps47e79a0b.jpg

He didn't really know what to do with it at first, but eventually dug right in!

 photo DSCN4676_zpsdc128b32.jpg

The rest of the day was kind of crazy! The older kids wanted to 'help' Andrew open his presents and I totally lost track of everything that he got and who gave it to him. Joseph really loved it because he now has a whole new bunch of toys to play with. Andrew loves take pieces of the toys and putting them in different places.

I still can't believe my baby is 1.
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