Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It always happens....

...just when I really enjoy something or plan something big.

This time it's with my running.

I hit a wall. Not literally, although my knees would probably question that.
It's actually a pretty big wall called Iliotibial Band Syndrome.
Hand pointing to ITBS spot on knee
The spot where that finger is pointing is where my pain is located.
Two weekends ago, I ran 6 miles. I was supposed to run 5 but misread my schedule and pushed myself to 6. I dragged myself through it (over an hour) and ignored the pain. It meant barely being able to walk the rest of the day and hobbling around on the Monday. I spent the rest of the week on the sidelines watching everyone else enjoy running in the lovely, cooler fall weather.
This past weekend, I just tried to drag my butt out. Didn't get very far at all. I made it 0.43 km before I had to stop when I started feeling pain. Now, I need to spend time with my foam roller, stretching and lots of ice. Not impressed.
I'm still planning on heading to Niagara Falls for my half marathon on October 27th and I'll be in the race whether it's walking or running or a combination of both. I'm hoping more running, but my goal has definitely been altered. Now I'll just be hoping to finish under or around 3 hours.
I have another race coming up on September 21st. It's called the Zoo Run and it takes place at the Toronto Zoo. We literally get to run around the zoo, past all the animals and into some 'behind the scenes' areas. It's only a 5 km, so I'll be able to push myself a little more depending on how my knees feel and hopefully get close to a good time (for me). Afterwards, we're going to spend the rest of the day at the zoo. I'm quite excited about this.
We run by the giraffes!!
Food wise, I'm doing well, but it's mostly because I'm back to work. I find I enjoy eating at work and getting to know my co-workers more than at previous schools I've been to. I find I fit in a lot better and love some of the conversations going on. Plus, I hate rushing out for lunch and racing back to eat it before recess is done. I need to figure out dinners a little more and hopefully I can start sharing some more recipes!
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