Monday, September 9, 2013

I survived Week 1!

As I stated last Tuesday, it was my first week as a full-time working mommy!
Holy crap, I'm exhausted!!
I'm thinking that I definitely handled it really well though. The boys made it to daycare everyday, dressed in appropriate clothing (the temperature really cooled off one day) and relatively clean!
Joseph had a really tough time with the transition and spends most of the day repeating "Mommy, Daddy, Joseph, Andrew, go home". I checked with the teacher to see if they considered him a disruption (I told her to be honest because I can read through the lines) and she said he wasn't. It's more during transition from one activity to the other and he eventually settles down. I'm hoping it won't take too much longer for him to settle in completely.
As for me, my head is spinning!!!
I'm up to 33 munchkins in my class ranging from 3 -5 year olds and they're definitely a handful. The boys are very physical and very busy, the girls love the house center and my little, little ones are just in awe.
Each day I had a couple criers, only two that really lasted all day, and mostly it was just the sheer magnitude of the number of parents, kids and toys in the classroom that set them off. Oh, there was only one toilet accident too, just because she was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom. We got it all fixed, had Mom explain that she can go without asking (bathrooms are in the classroom) and that was that.
I'm still getting everything set up. I took a long time to get into my classroom to get it ready since they were doing construction so we're just finishing everything up now. It's a good thing the curriculum is play-based so that I can sneak in some set up time while they play.
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps2aa41fda.jpg
What my classroom looked like only a few days before the start of school.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any new pictures of my classroom setup, but I promise I'll get some and share them with you. I'm trying to make sure it's fun, inviting and educational for the kids.
 photo DSC_1452_zps566ca1fc.jpg
New carpet!!
To add to the craziness, my car broke down. The battery decided it was done, so I had to get a new one put in. Now it works perfectly and it should for the next long while!!
Off to start week #2!
Anyone else start a new school year recently? How did it go?
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