Monday, September 30, 2013

I ran 12 kilometers!

I'm back on a semi-schedule for my half-marathon training.
On Saturday, I ran 12 kilometers.

Can't say I ended up in paradise, but I felt great!
The farthest I've gone previously was 15 kilometers, but that was more walking than running.
This time, I ran more than I walked and I really only walked because I was at stop lights. Alright, there was one time I walked for about 10 seconds because my knee was a little sore, but I smacked myself in the butt (not literally though) and kept running.
After the run, we needed more milk so I went to the conveinence store and bought myself a chocolate milk, 2 Powerades and a bag of Skittles trying to get myself rehydrated and some sugar in me quick!
I'm quite proud of how I'm doing considering work and everything else is quite crazy! I'm hoping to get in at least 18 or 19 km in before the half marathon in less than a month! We'll see how it goes though. If I need to walk the half than I'll still be happy that I finished it.
On another note, I'm down to 154 lbs. Only 4 more pounds to go before I hit my pre-pregnancy weight with Joseph! The lowest I ever remember being is 148lbs so maybe I'll get there before the half-marathon. Either way I'm really pleased with my progress!

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Please ignore the crazy hair!!
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