Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School: Teacher Supplies

Today's back to school guide Teacher Supplies!

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As a teacher, I do receive a lot of supplies from the school board. However, there are things over the years that I've found I don't necessarily receive that I need or the ones that I do receive I find are really bad or break quickly. So I do spend a little bit of my own money to get supplies that will last.

Calendars & Planners
I have a monthly calendar that is on the wall. I use it for both school and my personal life, but I like having a big copy at school that I can keep track of everything. I also have a planner that I take with me from school to home and back again. I definitely need it after having to keep track of daycare, home, school and now running/training.

The school ones are brutal or the kids break it. I usually have my own hidden somewhere in the desk along with other supplies (i.e. tape dispenser, scissors, etc.)

Pens & Pencils
Again, we're supplied with pens, but they can definitely suck. They don't last long and go missing quickly. I prefer to bring my own, keep one or two in my bag and bring them back and forth. I find they last longer that way too.

Tomorrow on the back to school guide...
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