Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School: Lunches

The last day of my Back to School guide is Lunches!

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I know that for a lot of parents this is the worst part of back to school. Having to pack a lunch for your child every day. Here are somethings that make it a little bit more enjoyable for your kiddo!
Lunch bag
Start of by getting a lunch bag that your kid will enjoy bringing to school and showing off. There are character ones for younger kids or stylish ones for those pre-teens that are too cool to carry a Ninja Turtle lunch bag. I love the Skip Hop ones but I'd prefer something a little bigger once my boys get into school so they can hold more.
Lunch Notes
These are little notes that either you write or have pre-written messages. They're just a happy little message your kids get when they open up their lunch box. My favourite are some of the jokes. You just know that the younger kids will be repeating the jokes over and over again.
Bento Boxes and Supplies
There has been an explosion in Bento boxes and accessories to go with it. It's a neat way to pack up your child's lunch. I follow a blog by Jill Dubien, called Meet the Dubiens, who has fantastic ideas for creating neat things with food. You should definitely check it out! The best part is that she links everything she uses! I'll be using these when my kiddos start school (luckily, daycare feeds them now).
That's my Back to School guide! Hopefully there are some helpful tips for you!
I can't wait to go do a little back to school shopping myself in the coming weeks in preparation of heading back to work after my maternity leave.
How do you prepare for back to school?
What's your favourite part of your kids going back to school?
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