Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School: Kids' Supplies

I've decided to do a series of posts on back to school. Today is Kids' Supplies!!

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As a teacher, I love school supplies. Back to school shopping was one of my favourite activities at the end of the summer.
However, there are many people that go overboard and spend way too much money on supplies that their kids do not need for school. Staplers, not necessary. 200 pieces of paper, not necessary. Expensive ruler that will be snapped quite quickly, not necessary.
Where I teach, most supplies are provided by the school board. As teachers, we order them during May and June of the previous school year so they're ready to go for the new year.
However, there some things that I think every student should have:
Markers & Pencil Crayons
Crayola work best. They stand up to tough challenges (i.e. smashing the tip) and come in so many different varieties. My best tip is to have a set at home and a set at school. I often hear kids tell me they don't have any at home so when they have colouring homework they can't get it done or they have to bring their set from school home and then forget it. Buy two (worth it) and keep one at school, one at home.
Remember the basic No. 2 pencil? Yup. They're the best. They have lots of patterns and designs now which is great, but please stay away from mechanical pencils (especially for young kids). They always lose their extra lead or it spills out all over the table. Go with the basic pencil. Your child's teacher will thank you.

Send one. It's worth it.

Your child will most likely love to draw (or older kids, play MASH). Please send your kid with a cheap notebook. They can use it during their free time to draw instead of using the classroom paper.

Backpack & Lunchbag
Your child needs a sturdy backpack that is big enough to hold newsletters, artwork, extra clothes and possibly their lunch bag. They do not need rolling backpacks. Not necessary! Also, get a nice big lunch bag for their kids to have all their snacks!

Please send Kleenex with your child to school! It's one of those things that is always needed in a classroom It doesn't need to be one of those expensive, big, huge boxes, but it is necessary! Every kid will get sick or have a runny nose.

Tomorrow on the Back to School guide...
Teacher Supplies!

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