Thursday, August 1, 2013

Andrew's 10 months old!

Today marks Andrew being 10 months old.
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Not the greatest picture, but it shows off his cheese face!
That means in only 14 days, he will be starting his transition into daycare and in 19 days he will be attending daycare full time!
At this point, he is constantly being beat up by his big brother who thinks that our house is a wrestling ring! He's getting a lot better at holding his own though so it isn't as scary when Joseph sits on him or pulls him around.
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His sleep is funny. Some nights he'll sleep all night long, but currently he's working on some more teeth so he's typically up once a night (right around 3:30). He has a quick bottle and gets right back to sleep until 7ish. Naps are fantastic. He takes two a day, one two hours after he gets up in the morning and one about 2.5 to 3 hours after he wakes up from this first. They're usually about an hour and a half to 2 hours. Of course this will be changing when he gets to daycare because they only take one nap a day.
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With his 9 month appointment, the doctor determined that he was around the 5th percentile for weight. We went to see the pediatrician who told me my GP was using an older growth chart. It apparently has been updated and while he's still on the smaller side, it's not nearly as alarming as what the GP said. We still have to go back to the pediatrician at 12 months just to make sure he's still on track with everything.
He takes 6 ounce bottles quite easily and loves solid (not purees). When he goes to daycare he'll get milk and he'll get formula here at home. We need to continue working with the sippy cup and with him holding his own bottles because I'm not sure how accommodating they'll be at the daycare.
He can walk when he's pushing his little toy around but it sometimes gets away from him. I expect he'll be walking before 11 months (right when Joseph started).
 photo DSC_1388_zps8f85b3d1.jpg
He loves pointing at everything and babbles non-stop. He's working on Ma and Da sounds. His favourite movie by far is Cars and he'll sit and watch the racing scenes quite intently!
I'm still deciding on what theme to go with for his birthday party. I realize it's still a couple month away, but with being back at work and training for my half marathon I need to be as organized and ahead of the game as I can be!
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