Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zoo membership!

The best decision I've made recently is to get a membership to zoo.
Joseph loves it.
Every time he sees an animal, it's as though it's the first time he is seeing it.

This past time, we went with a friend of mine who was home visiting. She moved to Australia in January and came back for a quick visit. She's not back again until April! I mentioned that we were planning on going to the zoo again and she was all excited!

Going with her was fantastic! We got to see a lot of the animals, more than usual. It helped that the zoo was relatively empty since it was raining when we got there. I checked the forecast and the rain ended at 11:00 just as was predicted.

Of course, we went to the see the Giant Pandas again. It is definitely the big draw. Luckily, the one outside was awake and eating. The other time we saw them they were both fast asleep!

 photo DSC_1229_zpsd14e94be.jpg
We were also lucky to see the elephants. They are supposed to be moving to California at some point (thanks Bob Barker) so they aren't always on display because they are training to be in their crates for long periods of time.
 photo DSC_1242_zpsc491ee2a.jpg
We also saw some other animals that I hadn't seen at the zoo before. They've been there, it just that we either haven't made it there before it's time to go home, or we completely walked by the pavilion.
 photo DSC_1232_zpsd5995742.jpg
Then we saw the usual.

The tiger was out and pacing. We figured it was lunch time because he was waiting right by the gate where the food goes in. Usually, the tiger is up on his rock or is lying in the shade.
 photo DSC_1244_zps80a096a5.jpg

The monkeys were hanging out right by the glass. Joseph got right up there. Andrew, being the scaredy cat that he is, decided to hang back and look from a distance.
 photo DSC_1238_zps46510fb1.jpg

There is also a giant splash pad there and I had the boys' bathing suits, but I forgot towels and it was getting close to the time where traffic picks up so we decided to just head home. We'll hit the splash pad next time.

I'm excited too because in September, I get to run a 5K race through the zoo! I'm contemplating signing Joseph up for the Cub Run as well but we figured he'd rather just go see the animals then run in a race.
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