Monday, July 8, 2013

Weight Loss/Running update!

Wow! My last weight update was way back on May 28th (maybe not way back, but long enough)!
At that point, I was 159lbs which was 33 lbs from my initial weight of 192lbs.
Now, a bit over a month later, I'm down to 156 lbs, which is a total of 36 lbs!
I'm still running my butt off and I'm actually doing a training program that I found on Hal Higdon's website (a great resource if you are interested in training for races). I'm currently training for a 15 K race on August 17th, but there is also a 10K on July 17th that I'm participating in.
 photo DSC_1250_zps4e495135.jpg
The best thing about the training plan is that it is totally adjustable to my lifestyle and I was able to move things around according to what other activities we had going on during the week/summer.
I've also been pushing myself. I've set some new records for myself (seen on Twitter if you follow me at victoriamack823). I ran my best mile (9 minutes 36 seconds) and my fastest kilometer (5 minutes 54 seconds). The heat/humidity is definitely a change from the freezing weather that met me when I started running.

I'm still really struggling with my eating/food. The summer seems to be even worse because there is baseball/Sunday evenings at my parents/BBQs galore and frozen yogurt (yum, frozen yogurt).

I've taken out the Eat Clean diet from the library and this week I'm sitting my butt down and getting organized to start eating clean. I want this set before I go back to work in September so that I'm not scrambling. 

I honestly think this is the last piece in the puzzle that is my weight loss. I'm hoping that it will help my running as well!
How have you been doing in your weight-loss/fitness goals??
 Does summer get in your way too?
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