Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two words I hate right now...

Potty. Training.

fisher price potty chair
Pretty sure the potty is mocking me!
A lot of people have started asking me if Joseph is potty trained yet.
Nope. Not even close.
First off, he's just 2.5 years old.
Second, he's a boy (which can take longer to potty train than boys).
Third, he's not even interested.
Fourth, less laundry for me (and less of a hassle).
Alright, that last reason is slightly ridiculous. I understand that I should not necessarily dictate my child's potty training just because I don't want to do laundry or not leave the house because I want him potty trained.
In all reality, he isn't ready.
He can pull his pants down and half way back up (they get stuck), but other than that, there is no interest in the potty at all. He doesn't even like flushing it! The only thing he likes in the bathroom is to unroll all the toilet paper and roll it all back up again.

Maybe this will help him potty train? What if I was to put Cars on it? He wouldn't move.
As much as I hate changing poopy diapers (or paying for them), I'm alright with it for now. He needs to get out of the house to get rid of energy in the morning still. We wouldn't be able to do the 3 day system, we can't be cooped up that long. He goes to the park for a long time with The Husband at the end of the day too. Plus, we've got two summer trips to cottages planned and it's just easier to add his diapers into the suitcase along with Andrew's.
We're really in no rush. He goes back to daycare in the middle of August, where I'm sure he'll see all his little buddies using the potty and will think "Hey! I'm the odd man out" (or at least that's what the daycare is telling me happens). My plan is to let them take the lead with potty training and I'll follow that lead. Considering I pay them an arm and a leg to take care of my child while I got to work so that all the money I make can go to them, they can take charge of the potty training and I'll provide all the clothes they need to get it done!
I'm sure we won't be dealing with this when he's ready to go to Kindergarten (right???).
I want to read your best potty training tips or funny stories! If you send them my way one day next week I'll have a post dedicated to the stories with a link back to your blog (if you have one!)
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