Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Circus!

I've always wanted to go to the circus.
I got my chance and took Joseph on Thursday night (along with my parents and my nephew).
Shrine Circus Canada
Tickets were $30.00 per person, except for kids three and under who were free as long as they sat on your lap so Joseph was free. We figured he's be sitting on our laps anyway in order to see what was going on.
The show started late, due to some technical difficulties apparently, but it's hard to explain that to antsy kids.
The circus opened with the tigers. They performed some neat tricks and skills. Joseph's favourite part of the entire circus was when the tigers jumped through the hoop that was on fire.
There were some clown acts, aerial acts and unicycle acts. The unicycles were quite interesting because they were two little boys and they were really good at it!
The next animal act were the horses. It started with a Clydesdale and another little pony that looked exactly the same. They did some tricks and then went away. Six other beautiful horses came out and performed some more equine acts. They were gorgeous and the girl that trains and performs with them is fairly young and part of the long family history of the Zerbini circus.

My favourite part was the Poema family. The father flips the kids around using his feet! They sit on his feet and get flipped up and spun around over and over! All members of the family are included even the youngest, 7 year old Tommy!

The last act that we saw (because it was getting late and Joseph wanted to go home) was the big elephants! The girl that trained the horses also worked with the elephants. They were absolutely adorable! They came walking out with the one in the back holding onto the tail of the one in the front! They did a couple tricks and then headed out. As did Joseph and I.

The circus was great! The only negative things that detracted from it were the protestors and the timing, other than that it was perfect. I know people aren't pleased with circuses and their history, but the OSPCA was there investigating everything the entire weekend so they were meeting Ontario standards.

I will most definitely take the boys to the circus in the future (probably next summer!) and will enjoy it just as much as I did this time. Next time, we might go during the day as opposed to the evening because it ended about 2 hours after Joseph's bedtime (way too late for him!).

Will you take your kids to the circus?

 Or do you disagree with them?
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