Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My latest race recap!

After I ran my first race back in, I kind of went crazy and signed up for races at least once a month. I guess I just got really excited! However, when the race gets closer I start to panic and think "Why did I sign up for it"? (anyone else think something is a great idea until one or two days before?)
So, in my haste, I signed up for a race called the Eaton Downtown Dash couple of cities over from ours. Randomly, it was on a Thursday evening. I figured this would work because it won't take over a weekend and it's an evening so the boys could come without too much of a hassle.
 photo 59a970c2-27a6-4db7-b806-f7791218ff2f_zpse3217f5b.jpg
My bib and latest medal!
Well, Joseph has become quite interested in my running and wants to 'help'. He was quite excited to come watch me run, until he saw a park on the way to the start/finish line. I dropped the boys off at the park (priorities to a 2.5 year old) and continued along.
 photo DSC_1308_zps533aabe1.jpg
 What happens while I run
The race started, I almost got taken out by a jogging stroller. I'm all for jogging strollers but they should be at the back of the race and off to one side so they don't trip someone up. I think if I had fallen, I would have gotten trampled on like Black Friday at Wal-mart! Luckily I stayed on my feet, but the guy looked at me like it was my fault.
They had a water station set up at 2.5 km. Did I mentioned the heat? Oh ya, the race was during the heat wave so the temperatures were up near 40 degree Celsius (104 F). I run up to the water station, double check that I grabbed water and not Gatorade, had a sip and dumped the rest on my head. It was cold water. Like take your breath away cold. Not good when running. I already had no breath.
I ran my little heart out and made it to the 3rd kilometer before the 10K runners started catching up with us. I yelled out some encouragement but under my breath whispered "I hate you!".
We passed a lot of residents in the neighbourhood with hoses, spray buckets and sprinklers set up to spray on the road. I wanted to run up and hug each and every one of them!
 photo DSC_1312_zps2b982683.jpg
Run, Mommy run!
I eventually had to walk here and there but kept moving or my feet would have melted into the road.
I finished the race in 32:07 and set a new personal record in the 5K.
I then headed to the get the goodies. Ice cream, pizza, massages, Shreddies and a nice, cold bottle of water. I'm convinced that this is why Joseph actually comes. He knows there'll be food for him to eat.
 photo DSC_1319_zps8a1d71c0.jpg
Overall, the race was great. Nothing could be done about the heat and humidity so there's no sense complaining about it.
Next race - 15km Midsummer Night Run in August
 photo DSC_1320_zpse282ab3a.jpg
My littlest athletic supporter!
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