Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Grandmother

On Friday morning, I got the call that I had been dreading for awhile.
Unfortunately, my Grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep some point between going to bed Thursday night and Friday morning.
Yesterday, was her memorial service.
Surprisingly, it wasn't as tough as I thought it was going to be.
 photo DSCN2807_zps9f81e612.jpg
I think what made it easier was the fact that she lived a whole, happy life. She accomplished a lot and touched so many lives.
One of my favourite stories from yesterday was one my uncle told.
My grandmother was a teacher and a librarian. My uncle is a supply teacher and one of the parent's of one of his students recognized his last name. He asked if my uncle's mother's name was Pearl, which he replied to with a Yes. The student said that my grandmother gave his father his first book and he wanted to thank her. My uncle passed the message on to my Granny, and she said that she never gave him any book. The book just disappeared from the library one day. In fact, it had over $3000 in fines. However, she told my uncle not to mention that to the student and just say Thank you.
My grandmother was amazing and my life was definitely enriched with her being in it.
The picture above is one of my now favourite memories. It was the first time she met Andrew (her 3rd great-grandchild). He was 2 weeks old and we wanted to make sure she got to see him. Just a week or two before this, she was having a hard time with her health. We had a great visit and just as we were leaving, it was dinner time and all the other residents and nurses were around. She was absolutely beaming showing off her new great-grandson. Everyone had to see him before we were able to leave the building.
I took the boys (and my nephew) back to see her at the beginning of June. The boys were so hyped up and were crawling all over her, on top of her bed, under her bed, playing in her wheelchair and just having a blast. It turns out that when we left, my grandmother and my aunt took a 20 minute nap. We wiped them out. But while we were there, I could see her soaking it all in and just being so proud to be their great-grandmother. Again, anyone that walked by, she had to catch and tell them her great-grandsons were visiting.
With this funeral, there are no great-grandparents left for the boys to visit with. It's sad, but also very interesting to see the new generation begin.
Rest in Peace, Granny.
We love you.
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