Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun, Fun Friday!!

I don't have much to post about today!
 photo DSC_1180_zpsde9406a3.jpg
Letting him eat his 'getti and meatballs all on his own creates a mess!
Okay, so I have an annoucement.
Unfortunately, we didn't win the photo contest. The boys' picture came in second place. We still get an opportunity to work with the photographer but we didn't get the whole kit 'n' kaboodle.
 photo DSC_1217_zpsac56bb56.jpg
He loves playing with his eyes closed!
Here's some better news though!
I realized a couple day ago that July 16 will be my 2 year blog-iversay!
I can't believe that I've been blogging that long!
There are definitely some high points and lower point, but I've really enjoyed sharing my life with you! I'm looking forward to continuing my blog and hopefully adding to it with more DIY and crafts as the boys get a little older and I get more time to myself.
In order to celebrate my 2 year blog-iversary, I've decided to 2 giveaways.
The first giveaway is a $50 gift card for
The second giveaway is a $50 gift card for
The giveaway will go live on Monday (15th) morning at midnight and will end Sunday (21st) at 11:59pm.
Until Monday, have a great weekend! I'm off to play softball!
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