Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's cottage time!

Pretty soon, we're heading to some cottages.

Downfalls Of Cottage Ownership
The first is a cottage that went to when I was a little kid. It's my aunt's cottage and it used to belong to her father-in-law J.D. Until this year, I held the record for the largest first caught. It was only about 3.5lbs but the cottage is on a small lake.
A few days after getting home from that cottage (and doing laundry), we're heading to a cottage with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and my nephew and niece. There will also be a whole bunch of their friends there. Apparently, it's also a meat-fest. Every meal has meat of some sort. Glad I'm not a vegetarian and I think The Husband will be in heaven.
In my grand plan of things I wanted to make a quilt for the cottage as a gift. Unfortunately, I didn't think of this until just recently and probably don't have time to finish one before we head up there. I'll probably make it for Christmas and give it to her then.

Something like this (source)
Instead, I'm hoping to make a plaque like this:

16x20 Cottage Rules Typography Style Painting
This means a trip to Michaels! I'm so excited! I've tried to stay away from it because it's like a giant vacuum for my money, but if I have something specific I want then I give myself permission to head in and only by the necessities of the project.
I'm also thinking of creating some little busy bags and activities for Joseph to do in the car and in case of the rain. Pinterest, here I come!
Are you a cottager or camper? Any tips ahead of time?
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