Monday, June 10, 2013

The Boys' Baptism!

Yesterday, we had the boys' baptism.
In my mind, I always picture baptisms with these cute, tiny little babies, in their gorgeous little gowns, sleeping through the ceremony.
Joseph being 2.5 and Andrew being 8 months, I wasn't hold out expectations for two sleeping kids.

I was right. The ceremony was at 2pm so right smack dab in the middle of nap time for Joseph. He won't go down earlier (I've tried) so we just decided to suck it up and go with it. Ha!

The boys spent the morning at their great-aunts house playing with bubbles, painting and having lunch so that The Husband and I could get the house ready. They came home about a half hour before we had to go and that's when the chaos ensued.

We gave them a quick bath and got Joseph into his outfit. He has a slight obsession with his arms being covered so he wanted a sweat shirt. Cue meltdown #1. He went downstairs to watch some TV before we had to leave and we tried to get his dress shoes on. Cue meltdown #2. Then I came down, asked if he was ready to go and if I looked pretty. Cue meltdown #3. Yup, 3 meltdowns in less than 15 minutes.

We headed over to the church where he proceeded to cry scream through the first half of the ceremony. The priest was perfectly fine with it and mentioned that it comes with the territory of baptisms.

The only other time he cried was when we tried to put the white bib on him. It never went on.
 photo DSCN3870_zps01707ed0.jpg

Andrew was great. He started to get a little fussy part way through the ceremony and then passed out before we even left the parking lot to come home.

After the ceremony, we had all of our relatives over. The weather was perfect so we were able to have everyone outside which is great because our house is definitely not big enough to have them all indoors.

Oh and my piece de resistance....
 photo 97daccac-73d3-465d-a59c-cc62378e4e89_zps753472ea.jpg
I've got start taking more 'professional' looking pictures of my cakes.
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