Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ribfest #1

On Friday, we took the boys along with Auntie Emily and Uncle Ryan to a Ribfest in the next town. It's only the second year that this Ribfest has been around so it's not crazy big yet but enough that it's very enjoyable and easy to maneuver in (especially with the double stroller).
They expanded the kids section a bit so there were lots of bouncy castles, a clown, watermelon eating contest and a Home Depot Kids' Building tent, where Joseph and The Husband made a little toolbox.
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps0999a0d6.jpg
Then it was time for ribs, pulled pork, beans and cornbread!!
This was the stand we chose to go to because it had the shortest line.
 photo DSC_1136_zpsaa3edb50.jpg
In reality, the line moved fairly slowly but they had two lines so it looked short compared to the rest. Oh well. We got food, it tasted good and we ate it all. Can't complain too much!
Lastly, we had two important stops to make. Auntie Emily had to get a sno-cone and I had to get my mini-donuts which are a must whenever I see them. I honestly don't think I've ever passed up an opportunity to eat Tiny Tom's icing sugar donuts.
 photo DSC_1141_zps6a75a7d2.jpg
 This is the start of festival/ribfest season for us! There's another ribfest coming up in July and there's a HUGE one during the Labour Day weekend.

This is definitely one of my favourite summer activities!

Do you go to lots of local festivals? Which ones are your favourite?
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