Friday, June 14, 2013

My munchkin has a bright red nose

No, I didn't dress him up like Rudolph or a clown.
I was that person a few days ago.
The person whose 2.5 year old runs through the splash pad in a make shift swim outfit. The person whose 8 month old is wearing jeans and no hat in 25 degree Celcius weather. The person whose little boy's noes is bright red because he was out in the sun.
 photo DSC_1056_zps522db379.jpg
First ice cream cone!
I was completely unprepared for our impromptu trip to the park.
Here's how it happened:
I took the boys on a quick trip to Costco to buy some toilet paper and sports bras. We got home at 1:30 which is typically part way through Joseph's nap, but he wasn't looking tired. So I decided that we should go for a drive hoping that both boys would pass out on the way to the park and I'd turn around and drive home.
No such luck.
They were both awake when we made it to the park.
I keep sunscreen in the car just in case so I lathered up the two kids and headed to the park in the bright sunshine.
 photo DSC_1044_zpsd07af394.jpg
He loves the swing!
We played at the playground for a bit and then Joseph noticed the splash pad.
No bathing suit, swim diaper, towel, nothing.
I took his shirt off, took off his socks and shoes and rolled up his pants.
 photo DSC_1053_zpsfb92812e.jpg
Pasty little boy!
Of course he didn't get in the water. He spent more time running around it and pushing the buttons, but still. He could have once I stripped him down.
So, I have a solution.
I'm keeping an 'Emergency Summer Basket' in the car.
 photo DSC_1069_zpsbc27177d.jpg

In it, I've put:
-swimsuits for both boys
- one towel
- swim diapers
- regular diapers
- wipes
- sunscreen
- extra set of clothes for both boys (warm and cold)
- extra hats for both boys
 photo DSC_1064_zpsc01d0c93.jpg

I figure this way I'll have every situation covered, right? I think?

How do you handle impromptu trips to the park or splash pad?
Am I missing anything?
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