Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My best run ever!

Yesterday, I managed to get out for a run after dinner.
It was perfect. The sun was going in and out behind the clouds so it would be warm sometimes, cooler at other times and the sun wasn't constantly in my face.
It must have been all these conditions that led me to what I'm calling my best run yet.
 photo df5ab117-5224-45d4-a007-142c5512d749_zps8c1faba4.jpg
Not only did I run the fastest 5K I've ever run (31:53), I also ran the farthest I've ever run (7.01 km).
It was fantastic!
I'm now feeling a whole lot better about my 10K in July. It's a little over a month away and I have about 3 km to add on to get to my 10K, but I'm a lot closer than I was!
In case any of you are bored and want some more reading, I started a second blog about my running, called:
I'll still post some running/weight loss stuff here, but I'd prefer to keep this one as my 'mommy' blog.
Please check it out!
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