Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013!

The Husband's #1 wish on Father's Day is to spend time with his boys.
I think we succeeded.
He got to sleep in a bit, since it's his regular sleep in day. While he was still asleep I started 'prepping' Joseph to say Happy Father's Day when he came downstairs. We heard The Husband moving around upstairs so I rehearsed one more time with Joseph.
The Husband walks into the room, Joseph yells,
"Happy Tuesday!!"
Uh, not quite right, but it works I guess.
The 'boys' got him fishing rods, so that he can teach them how to fish!
Later in the afternoon, we headed over to my parent's house for our annual Father's Day BBQ. The weather was fantastic, the pool was open and warm and we all had a great time. We almost had to drag Joseph out of the pool because he didn't want to get out! I think the swimming lessons we did in the winter paid off! Luckily, we avoided the whole "poop in the pool situation" unlike our trip to the waterpark. It was also Andrew's first time in the swimming pool. He splashed the entire time he was in there!
Here are some more pictures from the BBQ!
 photo DSCN3953_zpsbe5fd977.jpg
On the big slide!
 photo DSCN3957_zps76c9caf6.jpg
Practicing his swimming moves!
 photo DSCN4014_zpsfffb6842.jpg
Big jump off the diving board!
 photo DSCN4021_zpsfe105c9b.jpg
I think he liked the pool!
 photo DSCN4043_zpsee7204d1.jpg
Cute picture!
 photo DSCN4052_zps8cdaab96.jpg
 Washer Toss!! We're slightly competitive!
How was your weekend?? 

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