Monday, June 24, 2013

Colour Me Rad 5K

Yesterday, I ran the Colour Me Rad 5K in Toronto.
 photo 85873cab-7c6b-4714-b271-6c28d51229af_zps4801c374.jpg
It was a ton of fun, even though the temperature and humidity were absolutely ridiculous!!
I went with my lovely sister-in-law Adrienne and a few of her friends, Ashely, Jess and Steph. I honestly was worried about keeping up with these ladies, even though I've been running since January and 'training'. They're all in really good shape and play soccer so they're used to running.
We got there, parked, took a before picture:
 photo DSC_1155_zps2cbfeabe.jpg
And walked to the starting/finishing area. They had pre-race Zumba as a warm up and lots of things thrown out into the crowd. We saw tons of ridiculous outfits (including one guy in white boxers...completely gross) and I stated that it was completely different from the other races I've done.
Then the run/walk started. They told everyone to run on the left and walk on the right. Apparently, that's useless information as a lot of people would just stop and walk wherever they wanted.
The heat was nuts, the water station was actually a stop (we ran right by) and the 'track' conditions went from concrete to asphalt to trail. It was slightly insane and my legs definitely felt the differences.
We finished (time wasn't really kept and my watch turned off instead of started) and decided to head home, but not before taking a post race 'coloured' picture and a quick stop at Subway for lunch.
 photo DSC_1156_zpsc0e91fd8.jpg

Overall, it was fun. I looked as though I didn't get any colour on me, but I'd definitely do it again!
 photo DSC_1158_zps32df73c1.jpg
Oh and these snazzy glasses came with it, but I might need to fight Joseph to get them back.
 photo DSC_1162_zps350a50b0.jpg

Have you done any of these "fun runs?" Which ones?
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