Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bread and Honey Festival

Yesterday, I posted about my race at the Bread and Honey Festival.
The Bread and Honey festival is a yearly thing in our city and after living here all of my life (minus one year) I had never been to it. It was always one of those "I'll get to it eventually!" things.
The race happened to be minutes away from the rest of the festival so we decided to spend the morning there with some friends and family.
After the race we went to the Rotary Pancake Breakfast. Our mayor, Hazel McCallion, (who is 92 years old and been the mayor for 34 years) was serving up the pancakes which was really neat to see. She even gave me an extra pancake because Andrew was with me and she thought he needed one. Joseph was looking forward to his pancake breakfast. He could probably eat 2 or 3 at breakfast each morning.
After breakfast, we headed to the actual festival. Unfortunately, we were a little early and none of the rides were open yet. We wandered around, trying to keep Joseph happy until things started to get going but man was it tough. He pissed off some carnies too by getting to close to the rides before they were ready.
We found a bubble station, with a huge bubble tower and some bubble wands to play with. He has a hard time passing up bubbles.
 photo DSC_0918_zps1276cb68.jpg
Then the giant inflatables opened up. Joseph really couldn't wait to get into it. He even tried to climb under the table to get to them before they were ready. He's persistent.
 photo DSC_0920_zps499b2031.jpg
 photo DSC_0922_zps2d7220fc.jpg
Finally, the rides were ready to go. His great-aunt bought him 10 tickets to go on the rides. All he wanted to do was ride the cars over and over and over. For the record, he went 3.5 times and this is pretty much what every picture looks like.

 photo DSC_0940_zpse8307426.jpg

No smiles. Just either staring at the middle, or looking at us with a complete straight face.

 The first time on it, half-way through the ride, there was a sudden downpour. Since my kid won't take off his sweatshirt, the rain didn't bug him at all. Every other child was screaming and bawling because they were getting soaked. Joseph was looking to see why the ride had stopped.

He just sat there turning the steering wheel, until Uncle Ryan taught him how to make the horn go. Then he'd push it every time he came around to see our reactions. Still, no smile from him.

He eventually headed over to the boats, which had a little more 'movement' than the cars, but they still just went around in a circle.

 photo DSC_0950_zpse0f21f35.jpg

 That's the closest we got to a smile.

Oh, and this is what Andrew did most of the time.
 photo DSC_0946_zps2f2ade4d.jpg

His feet are a definite favourite right now.

Eventually, Joseph looked like the boat would put him to sleep if we let him go again and the skies opened up so we headed home.

At home, all four of us had naps. The Husband - 3 hours, Joseph - 2.5 hours, Andrew - 1.5 hours, Mommy - 1 hour. I definitely lost that race! Need to work on that one!

Next year, I'm definitely going to be running the race with a much better time, and we'll be visiting the festival again. Hopefully, we can get Joseph's cousins to come with us too for some more fun and we'll head to the parade!

Does your city have any little festivals? Do you usually go or just read about it later?
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