Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What we do all day

I'm so happy the warmer weather is here.
It was starting to get slightly stuff in the house with the two boys!
Our daily schedule revolves around heading outside because Joseph cannot be cooped up too long or we both go nuts!

In the morning, we'll either go to 'big park' as Joseph calls it or go for a walk after Andrew's nap.
 photo DSC_0603_zps9b5e5b04.jpg
 photo DSC_0680_zpsb26294c0.jpg

In the afternoon, we go for another walk or out to play while we wait for The Husband to arrive home from work. Sometimes some of the other kids in the neighbourhood will come and play with Joseph which is a nice little break.

 photo DSC_0708_zps0f5832e0.jpg
 photo DSC_0681_zps5d3a9fdc.jpg
 photo DSC_0699_zps3055d95c.jpg

The Husband usually takes them to the park either before or after dinner as well.

I also take the opportunity to look at some of the beautiful spring trees and flowers that are popping up! Even though they are wreaking havoc with Joseph's allergies.
 photo DSC_0706_zps0453a8e7.jpg

 photo DSC_0709_zps5818034c.jpg

We haven't had a rainy day in awhile, but when we do I can't wait to sit and lounge around a bit! I like being outside but the walking takes forever some days!!

What do your days look like?
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