Monday, May 6, 2013

Things Joseph says!

Joseph doesn't stop talking. Ever.
 photo DSCN3640_zps1db37ce5.jpg
He's only quiet when he's very tired, watching his favourite shows or sleeping.
He honestly has so many words and adds to it daily so I'm rarely surprised when he comes out with some interesting phrases.
Here are some of my favourite:
- He constantly sings "dig big holes" and dances. For awhile, I honestly had no clue what he was saying and thought he was saying "hold baby cold". I had him repeat it over and over and never picked up on it until the truck episode of Bubble Guppies and I realized exactly what it was.
- Whenever we run into someone while we're out (usually walking) he names all of us. He'll say "dis a Joseph" (and point to himself), and then introduce the rest of us. "Dis a Mommy, dis a Andrew and dis a Daddy".
- His grandmas are known as "Gram-Gram" although that's after many different names to this point.
- When you ask if he is tired, he'll say "No, Joseph awake"
The best one he came out with lately was
"Delicious" when given something he's eaten over and over (I can't remember what it is though).
What funny things do your kids say??
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