Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer TV

I admit it.
I like my TV.
There are so many fantastic shows on at the same time however, that my PVR works overtime in the evenings.
I love summer TV even more. I find they're more of the non-thinking, less dramatic shows.
 Here's what currently on my line-up!
I fell in love with this show at the end of last season and I think my love of cooking shows helps that (even though I'm a horrible cook). It's so neat to see home cooks make such delicious-looking food.
This next one is definitely a guilty pleasure!
The people in this competition are crazy! Not to mention ridiculously fit (which isn't hard on the eyes). I love seeing the obstacles that they need to get through, especially the vertical wall and the tiny little finger holds in the last set of obstacles.
There may (or may not) have been times that I peed my pants laughing hysterically at this show. I can only watch the first three-quarters though. It gets too serious at the very end. I love the optimistic people who get crushed by the things that pop out and smack them in the head. One reason I'd never be on the show; I'd be the one getting smacked in the head.
And my all-time summer favourite....
There are so many interesting (and weird) things that people do on this show that you have to come back weekly to see what happens!! Canada had a version but the ratings were poor so they aren't coming back for another season. Therefore, American talent will have to do.
I'm sure some of you will say, what about Big Brother?? I'm not a big brother fan. Too many nights to keep track of. I think I watched one season before it went out of control. Oh and The Bachelorette? Not a fan. Too much drama for me.
What shows are on your 'must-watch' list this summer? Any recommendations??
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