Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spinning and weight loss update

Last night, I got to go to a spin class with my Mom's group!
I love spinning. As in absolutely adore it. It, running, softball and hockey are all tied at the top of my workout list (everything else is a distant second).

I was even praised by the teacher for hanging in really well and going fast.
I've done random classes here and there but they have never been consistent. I bought a Groupon for 5 classes at the same place I went to last night and I can't wait to use them.
I'd love to eventually teach them, I just don't know how to get into it. Anyone know?

I also want to share with you my weight loss update.

To date, I've lost 33 lbs. and I'm at 159 lbs.

I'm in the midst of another weight loss challenge and hoping that it will push me into the lower 150's.

Here are the pictures that I've been taking along the way of my progress.
 photo EndofMayupdate_zps8f4f2134.jpg
 Front view

I notice a lot of changes in my hips and my face. But when I look at the side view, I need to do a little more work on my stomach.
 photo EndofMayUpdateSide_zps89f36914.jpg
 Side view

In general, I'm really pleased with my results and they are only pushing me to keep going. I need to get a new bathing suit and I'm worried about that, but something I heard one day on The Chew made me think. Clinton said "Most people aren't looking at how you look in a bathing suit. They're worrying more about how they look". I guess that means most people are in the same boat and may be just as self-conscious about their bodies as I am. So I'm going to embrace that!

I have one more picture to show.

I don't know how long it's been since this was there, but I have a space between my thighs!!!
 photo 993fcba1-3b91-40ea-8104-69d71ed68583_zpsb86bdb1d.jpg
Yes, it's tiny, but it's there!
What have your weight loss achievements been lately?
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