Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Running Bucket List

Last week, I outlined my summer runs. These are all the runs that I've signed up for (or plan to sign up for) until the end of the year.
I've also been thinking of my bucket list for running. There are so many interesting runs out there that I'd love to do. 
First, I'd like to participate in the Mississauga Marathon each year. Since there are so many different races I can't specify which one because it will most likely change. This year I did the 5K, next year I might do the 10, then the half and the marathon. I'm also hoping to involve my school in the relay at some point and eventually when the boys get bigger do the 2K with them.

I've also looked into the Run Disney events. They all look absolutely amazing! I'd love to do each of those as well. Specifically, I'd love to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon Run and most of the events of the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. I'd love to do these when the boys get a bit bigger so that I can take them along and have a weekend at Disney world.
I'd also love to do one of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series races. I've read and seen a lot about them and they look like they'd be a blast.

A race in Arizona is definitely high up on my list. I lived there for a year when I was younger and typically go back once a year. I love it there and would love to run. Although, since a good chunk of my training takes place in the snow, I'd prefer to run something in the winter when it's not as hot down there.

Map of the United States with Arizona highlighted
This one is crazy (especially when you take into account the Great White North) to do at least one race in each province and territory in Canada. That would be 12 more races (since I already completed one in Ontario).

A clickable map of Canada exhibiting its ten provinces and three territories, and their capitals.
Lastly, the granddaddy of them all, I'd love to run the Boston Marathon.

At this point, you're probably thinking I'm crazy! I guarantee you I'm not. I'm hoping to run until I can't run any longer either due to old age or never ending pain. I'm hoping I get a large number of healthy, running years and that I can complete most if not all of my list.
I guess I should make a bucket list for the other aspects of my life!
Do you have a bucket list for a specific aspect of your life or just life in general?
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