Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm the meanest person ever!

I'm not a huge bird person.
I think they sing some pretty little songs and they can be really pretty looking birds (i.e. blue jays and cardinals), but I don't like them getting to close.
Here's where I get mean.
Last spring we had two Mourning Dove babies that set up camp on our front steps. We named them Fric and Frac and unfortunately only one of the two survived.
Fast forward to this year.

See this little bump on our window ledge?

 photo f1a2961a-567e-4f6e-adce-779c20aaa504_zps7ed3b4d1.jpg
We had two Mourning Doves looking to build a nest. We're not sure if they're the same ones from last year or if they're Fric (or Frac) all grown up.
Again, I don't mind if they're having babies, I just didn't want them to get too close.
 photo DSCN3725_zpsc76e77e4.jpg
is too close.
It is on our bedroom window ledge.
While I think it's neat to see birds building nests, laying eggs and baby birds, I don't necessarily want this happening right outside my window.
 photo DSCN3730_zps8b3e3e72.jpg
Especially when these lovely birds decide to start cooing at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning while both boys were still asleep.
I guess I managed to scare them away. I just kept repeatedly going up to the window and they flew away. They didn't return yesterday and weren't there this morning when I woke up.

Hopefully they found somewhere else to build their nest and have their family.

I'm a horrible human being!

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