Thursday, May 9, 2013



Some people are just really stupid.

It bothers me that the saying that came out of such a tragedy as the Boston Marathon bombing is being mocked in this picture.

I'm a Leafs fan (maybe not a crazy one), but even I'm disappointed by this.

If the "Boston Strong" saying had to do with the Bruins' effort in the Stanley Cup then yes, I'd find this funny and witty.

Instead, it paints this Leaf fan (and to see people all Leafs fans) as an idiot.

I'm all for supporting your team, making signs, dressing up, cheering, etc. I just think it needs to be done in a respectful way.

The above is not respectful and he should be ashamed of himself.

Here is what "Boston Strong" means to someone that lives in Boston and experienced that fateful day.

Boston Strong with Ribbon

I hope that guy regrets what he did and thinks things through a little more before creating his next sign.
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