Friday, May 17, 2013

High Park visit

Since it's been so nice out (and I'm tired of walking around the neighbourhood) I've decided to take the boys on an 'adventure' once a week (until they start daycare).
This week's adventure took us to High Park.
It's famous for it's Cherry Blossoms that bloom in the Spring and apparently finding parking during that time on the weekend is very hard.
They also have a very neat looking park. It's a castle called James Bell Park. You rarely find parks like this anymore and Joseph loved it as did a lot of the kids that were there. Makes me wonder if the plastic, all the same parks are worth it! There's something to be said for adventure parks.
 photo DSC_0756_zps2f91d257.jpg
Anyway, Joseph wandered through the maze of a playground for a good 30 minutes and he'd dip in and out of windows, find new paths and check out different slides. He even braved the gigantic red one that I pictured him sitting in and crying and me trying to find a way to get him out.

 photo DSC_0760_zpsa3611ddc.jpg
After the playground, we headed to the zoo. It's not a huge zoo by any means, but it does have a few animals and the kids can get fairly close. Close enough that I had to remind Joseph not to put his fingers in the fence.
 photo DSC_0762_zps1622934f.jpg
The only downfall was the enormous hill we went down to get to the playground and zoo. I knew we'd have to get up eventually and we did. I thought of it as exercise and pushed the double stroller up to the top!
 photo DSC_0765_zps5e13b262.jpg
Looked bigger from the bottom!
Once I got my breathe back, we went and looked at some of the gardens. There were these ladies there using bubble wands to blow these gigantic bubbles that all the kids were chasing. I'm going to be making one of these wands in the near future since it took almost everything to get Joseph to leave them. We even went back after lunch. 
 photo DSC_0771_zps61c4de55.jpg
 We headed to the little restaurant to get lunch. After paying a ridiculous price and Joseph not eating a lot, we'll be picnicking the next few times we go on our adventures. He loved the number. He got upset when the waitress brought our food and took it away. I guess he thought it was coming home with us!
 photo DSC_0768_zps6f2e6be0.jpg

After lunch we went back to see the bubble ladies, check out a couple more gardens and Andrew started to get tired. We headed to the car for a quick diaper change and load up and headed home.
 photo DSC_0774_zps70b200cf.jpg

I had a nice quiet ride since both boys fell asleep and I took the 'long' way home so they'd sleep longer.

Next week's adventure is still up in air since it looks as though it is supposed to rain. There is an indoor reptile park we might visit (eww, I get shivers just thinking about them).
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