Wednesday, May 29, 2013

7 months...again!

I shared Andrew's 7 month achievements (and not-so-achievements) last week even though he'll be 8 months on Saturday.
I finally got around to taking his 7 months pictures and I had to share them because they are just too cute!

 photo DSCN3774_zpsb63aaf3e.jpg
Nice and smiley.

 photo DSCN3772_zpsa72818a6.jpg
He almost bounced right off the couch

 photo DSCN3775_zpsf2599159.jpg
Laughing at Mommy's funny sounds
 photo DSCN3779_zps96ef9e9a.jpg
Eating the sticker.
Next week I'll post the 8 months pictures. He can still change a lot in a week right?
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