Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 months!

This post is 21 days late! Whoops!
Andrew turned 7 months on May 1.
 photo DSC_0701_zps01b0b4ee.jpg
It's been a busy month for him.
Thus far, he's gotten teeth, figured out how to crawl forward, moved to a crib and expanded his solids repertoire.

He's done very well getting his teeth. He hasn't whined or cried too much about it, but he definitely is a screecher (just like Joseph was). His teeth came in pretty much one right after the other. The bottom two came in quickly, then the top left and the top right is just finishing making it's grand entrance.
Now that he crawls forward, we have to look out for everything! Joseph rarely put stuff in his mouth, whereas Andrew likes to chew things (probably because of teething). He loves anything that Joseph is playing with and has recently found the door to the backyard so he sits and stares out the door longingly.
 photo DSC_0740_zps1844dfe7.jpg
Notice all the letters up high and the farm down low!
He still isn't the biggest fan of grass. He'll sit on it but he won't really move from the spot you put him (unless he tips over). He's gotten better with sand though and usually comes home with sand in his shoes and all over him.
With his solids, we've done more a baby-led weaning approach this time. We tried purees like I did with Joseph, but he prefers to have the actual food. He loves toast, french fries, tilapia, mashed potatoes, yogurt and baby pasta. We do still mix in purees here and there just to introduce him to different foods (and to get rid of what I have in my freezer).
 photo DSC_0695_zpsb4ec5096.jpg
We finally moved him to his crib which has been great for all of us. We're sleeping more, he's sleeping more and the cable bill is lower since I'm not watching TV while trying to feed him at night. Instead, I get to drag myself down the hall to his room. He's still up twice a night usually, although we have had some great nights where he's gone 5 or 6 hour stretches. The best part is how easily he goes back down though. As soon as he's done eating, he gets a short snuggle with me and then back into bed and he's usually right back to sleep. We've had to let him cry for a bit here and there, but nothing horrible or too long.
 photo DSC_0686_zps3ba028a5.jpg
He's already trying to pull himself up and spends a lot of time balanced on his knees.
 photo DSC_0783_zps7c457611.jpg
Blurry picture, but you get the idea!

I still haven't taken his 7 month picture yet but in about 9 days I have to take his 8 month one so I'd better get on it!

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