Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I found myself asking that over and over yesterday.
Why target hundreds of thousands of people who are there celebrating 27, 000 runners' accomplishments and just enjoying the day?

I'm scared for what this world is turning into. I worry about what my boys will have to deal with in the future. People can't even enjoy life anymore without constantly being on guard that something might happen.

I was looking at my Instagram yesterday morning (#bostonmarathon) before the marathon began and just as people were starting the race.

There were so many happy faces. So much excitement and anticipation of what the day will bring.

Later in the afternoon, I rechecked my Instagram (same hashtag).

Such devastation. So much sadness. It broke my heart.

However, as I watched the coverage on TV later in the day, I was proud to see people running to help those runners coming through and those that were directly hit by the bombs. Instead of running away to save themselves, they dove in head first to help other out. Yes, a lot were first responders but there were others too. Those who don't do that day in, day out.

It gives me hope. A little bit of hope that there still is good. Hope that strangers will help strangers.

I'm going to hold onto that little piece of hope, for now.

mister rogers helpers quote
I saw this on my Instagram and love it.

Those of you directly affected, I'm sorry and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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