Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend recap!

I almost did it!
I ran 4.79 km yesterday in a time of 33:16 min.
I finally feel ready for the race on May 4 (just a few days after posting this).
I felt really good once it was finished and never got to the point of ""
I'm now very excited for my 1st race!
In other news, we went to visit The Husband's family this weekend for my nephew's baptism. We almost didn't go because they had a horrible ice storm Friday during the day and a lot of their city was without power. We decided to chance it and by the time we got there the power was back on and the drive up was easy. There was so much damage from all the ice. It was crazy!
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The baptism was fantastic. Joseph was slightly crazy since he hadn't seen his cousins in a bit so he went a little nuts. Luckily, the priest was really understanding and included him in the baptism process. I can't wait to see how his baptism is going to go at the beginning of June.
Sunday, my father-in-law and The Husband took Joseph to the little community zoo and he apparently chased a chicken around for awhile. After a nice, quiet trip home we got all settled back in and ready for another week to start!
How was your weekend?
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