Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

I've decided that for the next few Monday's I'm going to do a weekend in review. We have so many exciting things coming up on weekends that I want to share but they might not make up an entire post on their own.
This weekend, we headed out on Friday night for dinner with out favourite people! Yay Mandarin!
 photo DSC_0615_zpse57b5b2f.jpg
This is why I run! I can't pass up cupcakes, nanaimo bars and waffles with berries and whipped cream.
Saturday, Andrew and I headed out to the Made By Hand show. It was nice to get out and do a little shopping. Everything I bought was for Joseph and Andrew since I'm not a huge jewellery person but it was nice to see what people create. I've decided that I want to open a shop, I just need to figure out what to sell (any ideas?)!
 photo DSC_0616_zps1174d83c.jpg
Andrew in his new ride!
Saturday night, we moved Joseph to his 'big boy bed'! I'd been planning to do this for weeks but there's always been some reason to not do it. Well, this weekend, no excuses. He did really well! So far he's slept two full nights in it, no wake ups and he stays in it until we come to get him in the morning. The test will be nap time today!
 photo DSC_0617_zpscd2115f0.jpg
Joseph's 'big boy' bed!
Sunday, we took the boys to the zoo with Grandma, Papa and our niece (which was a great surprise for Joseph). It was Teacher Day so we got in free! Joseph loves the zoo so I'm going to get myself a membership so I can take the boys throughout the summer (especially because they're free under three). They also have an awesome splash pad which will be nice in the summer.
 photo DSC_0621_zpsa9293d24.jpg
On the merry-go-round. He worked himself up into a nervous frenzy before it started.
I also spent some time on Pinterest but didn't pin too much. I haven't had much of a chance to spend a good chunk of time on there lately and I definitely need to! There's so many cute things, like these pants from Me Sew Crazy.

Oh, I also ran 5.01 km in 33:14 min. on Sunday. I'm psyched for my race now! Today is definitely TLC on the shin splints kind of day!

What did you do this weekend?
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