Monday, April 8, 2013

Run, Mommy Run!

My running...*sigh*...where to start?
I'm not sure.
I ended up taking about a week off for a few different reasons. Easter weekend was busy and we were out of town. Then Joseph came down with a cold (more on that tomorrow) which was eventually passed onto me as well, plus a whole range of crazy sleep issues from the boys.
The cold knocked me out big time. It's still getting me and causing me some massive sinus pain and headaches.
So, my shoes hung out in the closet for way too many days.
IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6 photo IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6.jpg
Poor babies!
I broke them out on Thursday evening, because being home with the two sick boys was too much and I just needed to get out so I went for a quick run.
It was very disappointing. I didn't even make it the full half hour.
Thursday's stats:
23:57 min
2.17 miles/3.5km
11:01 min/mile average pace
Sunday came around and the weather was gorgeous, except for the wind. I actually didn't have to wear thousands of layers which made the run that much better!
However, the wind and the sinuses really got to me.
Sunday's stats:
21:47 min
1.96 miles/3.2 km
11:08min/mile average
I'm putting them behind me. There is lots of bad news, but the good news is that I did go for a run meaning I got in some exercise.
I also found my iPod so that means I get to listen to some music when I don't run with my buddy! Now I just need to get some decent headphones. Luckily, my birthday is just around the corner!
 photo DSC_0537_zps988e1afe.jpg
Now I just need to start pushing myself a little bit more!
How do you push yourself and ignore the little voice in your brain that says stop!?
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